This technology engages a wireless connection between two nodes, or radio units, in a data network. Each radio unit consists of a transceiver and a highly directive antenna, typically operating at medium to high microwave frequencies.

This technology enables our residential users access unlimited movies, TV shows, and commercial free programs, streamed instantly over the internet while enjoying efficient and quality internet experience to browse the world.

This technology can also be utilized in small, medium or large enterprises to ensure unlimited access to work teams and partners for smooth organizational processes.

  • High broadband speeds
  • Completely unlimited with no hidden quota cap
  • 24/7 technical support and interventions done within 24hours
  • Fast, seamless, stable and reliable connection
  • IPTV Services


Konnect is a high performance satellite broadband service for Home and Business users. Konnect will deliver a truly cost-effective broadband service, through a modem and easily installed small satellite dish, and supported with in-country technical, operational and customer care.

With Konnect, subscribers enjoy access to high speed broadband internet service anywhere in the coverage area, regardless of how many people live in the area, or whether the location is on top of a mountain, on the beach, or in the middle of a forest. The same Konnect high quality broadband service is available to subscribers in each country of coverage independently of the quality of traditional internet service in that country or the subscriber's physical location. Konnect allows subscribers to truly enjoy high speed broadband no matter where they are within the Konnect coverage area at an affordable cost.