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About Us

At ICE Network, we are poised to design and deploy long lasting connectivity solutions to your business and establishments. ICE Network is a full stock ICT service provider specializing in Networking, internet installation, web and software development, computer software and hardware maintenance.
ICE rides on the cutting edge of the technology wave in digitalization of society.

We are committed to bridging communication barrier, thus providing an unbreakable superfast, strong, reliable and affordable internet connectivity to medium and large scale business, multi-family residences and large institutions such as Universities, churches and hospitals anywhere in Nigeria.

Providing astonishing solutions

  • The solutions we represent, implement and support are designed to launch customers from their current state into a next level of IT arena, setting them above competition. We have set up a standard of unique accessible customer care relationship well trained and licensed engineers who are dedicated to providing services. ICE Hub where we build and train generation of new IT revolutionaries.


Stay Connected

Never miss a moment of connectivity irrespective of your location.

For over 6 years, we strive to build quality solutions that bring efficiency, effectiveness and return on investments. Our services in and across the nation is be spoken of as we delivered several projects which brings maximum satisfaction to our esteemed customers. ICE is not merely a consulting firm, we are strong and independent IT compass that guides our customers to success.


Internet Services

Efficiently run your business on the best internet services available in Nigeria. Even if you are in the remotest area, our satellite service will support your business and connect you to the world.

Software Services

Our suite of software, services, and a rich partner ecosystem helps companies drive greater efficiencies and deliver world-class customer service.

Training and Skill Transfer

With the right skills, it is easier to advance in today’s digital economy. By delivering top-notch training, you are equipped with the critical tools needed to start a career or boost your business.


No two clients are alike. We bring our industry expertise to solve your unique needs. Backed by a team of remarkable people, we bring global and local knowledge to each engagement.

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Internet Services


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Consultancy Services


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